About the project

About the GALLERY 


The mission of the HAZEGALLERY, founded in 2019 by Irina Rusinovich, is to support and promote young artists, with a strong focus on Russia and the CIS, who are working in various media: paintings, sculpture, and graphics. Irina's mission is to help highlight the Russian contemporary art scene in the rest of the world through exhibitions at the gallery in Berlin, pop-up shows, and art gatherings. 

The exhibition program consists of 8 shows per year, ranging from group to solo exhibitions and combining international and Russian artists with other strong voices of the international contemporary art scene.


HAZEGALLERY is in constant search of new ideas, names, and forms, and it shares its discoveries with those who are ready to fill their lives with art


In addition, HAZEGALLERY regularly publishes limited-edition artists catalogs and a coffee table book.


Founder Irina Rusinovich