PURPLEHAZE editors know just how much of an impact the online digital magazine world is having on the way we view editorials and stories today. It is important to us to stay up to date and with the times of our readers and contributing artists. PURPLEHAZE is an online platform where art meets fashion in one of the most creative and independent ways. We showcase beautiful editorial stories, behind the scenes videos and spotlights on artists & models, all the while creating a seasonal print issue that is filled with some of our favourite things like, art, stories, fashion, & fairytale dreams.
PURPLEHAZE is mainly submissions based, which means we accept work from artists all across the world. You can be any type of creative artist that has a voice and a story to tell


If you would like to be featured on our webpage please email us at submissions@purplehazemag.com with the subject: “Web Editorial / Your Name” and details about who you are, what you do, and what you would like featured.
Do not submit WeTransfers links. Please send the files in a PDF or JPG format for consideration, with crew + wardrobe credits and Instagram handles.
Please note that we do not give out pull letters for web submissions.
If you do not hear back from us within two weeks, please take this as an unsuccessful submission, but do not feel that you cannot submit again at a later date. Please follow up with us if you would like to.
When your submission is accepted, it is extremely important to follow the credits and sizing guidelines that are given to you.
Files for publication on the website must be low res at 72dpi, 2000 pixels on the longest side.

Editor in Chief & Curator  Irina Rusinovich

Web Editor Luybov Melnikowa 

Designer & Illustrator Diana Loseva

Deputy Editor - Julia Kryshevich